On a winter day
Oil on Canvas 60x60

On a Winter Day

Snow fell softly all day long
Like blossoms from a fruit-tree.
Ah, tonight I would like, ah, how glad I'd be
Somewhere far and away to flee,
Somewhere far and away through the petals of snow
Like a fluffy butterfly
To whisper to someone love's tender word
Warm, beautiful, new, that others have rarely heard.
All through twilight, snow silently falls
Drowsy and thick.
Tonight there's someone I'd be glad to see,
But he's not here. The road is empty a long time now
Only the snowflakes flutter and fly
To white ground under the pale sky.
Ah, how hurtful when someone does not come,
Someone you are waiting for, as darkness descends
Desanka Maksimović
(Translated from the Serbian. Translation © Slobodan Drenovac)