Some artists I observed with admiration, respect, some with curiosity or horror. One can learn so much.


It is not necessary their work what brought me to them, sometimes I even don't like their work. Why they did what they did or how they did it... those things are interesting.


"I am always doing what I cannot do yet, in order to learn how to do it", said Van Gogh.

My fascination for their lives, for their struggle helped me see the way for my own work and learned me to be patient.


Sometimes in their work I looked for something that could help my own painting to develop.



Van Gogh




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Van Gogh



He "told" me so much about color, devotion, passion. The way he use the material (thick strokes) to emphasize the shape, to share with us his emotion and obsession with the subject. Experimenting and sharing with others your feeling about everything.

He was building a painting as a sculptor becoming himself a subject. Amazing how much energy I can get only looking at his painting, I can almost feel his presence. When ever I feel down he can make me alive again.





There is no blue without yellow...




Van Gogh's words: "There is no blue without yellow and without orange" inspired me to make this painting.



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Eduard Munch


When I was searching for some information about Munch I've found this beautiful site. Just click on his name...



















Reading about Munch and his way of painting helped me see more clearly the way my idea develops and what parts of the whole process are for me inspiring.


"I don't believe in art that is not born out of men's need to open his heart".

"Nature is not only what is visible to the eye - it also shows the inner images of the soul. The images on the back side of the eyes".






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Helena Schjerfbeek




I saw this painting on the annunciation for the exhibition program  in Gemeente museum in Den Haag in spring 2007. I admit I never heard about her before, but when I saw this portrait I decided to learn as much as possible. When the exhibition started I went with my friend Betsy and we spend more than three hours looking on the work of this amazing woman. She was very weak person physically, but I think I never saw so much power and strength on canvas.  Her work was looking so obvious, so abstract and figurative at the same time. Her self-portraits told us the whole story of her life, her struggle in life and art, her loneliness.


She is very close to my heart as being an artist of both great power and great weakness. There were moments in my own art-life when I felt blessed and moments when I felt limited because I am a women.





It is not known if E. Munch knew about work of Helene, but she knew about hem. "Something about his feeling is strange to me. But women feel different".


For Helene was painting a proces of reduction, elimination of unneccesery elements, searching for essence.









The simplicity of this painting is so powerful and so complicated and I need to share my admiration.

It is empty and yet completely full. We are separated with this door from the world outside, where the sun shines. We are supposed to be in peaceful space, even the colors are limited...but only at the first glance.

Very soon we realize how rich colored this grey color is and how much blue and red and purple is on the grey walls. In her brush-stroke you can see so much...empty-looking floor in the foorground  is becoming a turbulent see. Nothing is as it seems to be!

She painted two spaces, two worlds; inside-outside, dark-light, peace-chaos.   


"How difficult it is to be simple", said Van Gogh and I couldn't agree more.



The door


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