when is the painting finished?



On this space I would like to share some of my thoughts or struggles, ups and downs in the whole painting process. Everybody who ever tried to make a simple drawing had a moment when it was looking better. Why I couldn't stop earlier? It is simple question, but no answer.

Very often I work on two or three easels at the same time, to be able to control that moment. Sometimes it even works.




In the beginning is always one idea.

Here, on this painting my idea was to make a woman as a symbol of colour, like I did it with Light  painting.










This was obviously not an success in any way. Even the shape of body was disappearing in front of my eyes,  because I was so obsessed with the idea I had in the beginning. I saved only this one photo as an evidence of my struggle with the "object versus idea" painting

Why you get so obsessed that you cannot see what is going on. Why is so difficult to stop when you see it is not working. How to help your self to make the right choice. That is all so amazing for me, exploring all the questions and possibilities.

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I was relieved when I decided to give up!



The first moment I've got rid of my idea of making a Color-woman, I saw it immediately. Why not use some already painted parts and than continue






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My garden


For this painting I was working with Esther again, but I couldnt remember what was my first idea.



or second...


It is strange how many different photos of this painting I've found...




This one was not that bad, but it was not good either!

I definitely decided that I have to forget all about this woman-sun-stones thing.


I turned around the canvas and went in to my garden this mei ... and...

You can see the son and stones...



In my garden



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I painted this flower earlier and there were always some peaces of this painting I was happy about. The way I painted right and left up-corner, very nice...I even thought I have to cut the canvas and forget the rest of it.




Then one hot summer day I was inside looking out. Contrast  in temperature and light-dark was so interesting. I made some photos and lots of drawings...and when I was at home I took my flower-painting...



Then I started eliminating elements from old painting until it was needed







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