About Dusanka's Work





     As my acquaintance with Dusanka's paintings widened and deepened, two properties of them impressed themselves ever more clearly upon my mind two properties which do not often appear in juxtaposition, and even less often when, as in Dusanka's case, they stick together as tightly as the two sides of the proverbial coin.
     On the one hand, her paintings exhibit a sensitivity which is intensely feminine. (I would not know any other word but 'feminine' for it.) It expresses itself in the way in which she depicts her subjects; quite clearly, understandably enough, when the subjects include human figures. On the other hand, she paints with a vitality and dynamism which, being both remarkably robust, enrapture and transport the viewer. They are noticeable in her touch, the movement which she is able to capture in her strokes as well as the force and the wide range of her coulours.
     A sophisticated painting-'animal'; that is an unusual phenomenon! Her paintings directly address the viewer; they are not intended for spectators who, fearful to assist at the actual painting process, prefer to ignore it and look only at the result, at a nicely painted image.


Hans Koeze


All rights reserved. Copyright by Dusanka Badovinac 2016