This space I would like to use to introduce some of my paintings, to show how they are created or what happened with them afterwards.

I also would like to introduce some more paintings that I admire or... I will see...



Alegory of Melancholy


To make this painting I decided to use two Magdalena's from paintings of Artemisia Gentileschi, not so famous woman artist from renaissance. (In 1616, she became official member of the Academie del Disegno (Academy of Design), an unprecedented honour for a woman. She had many patrons, including Grand Duke Cosimo II of the powerful Medici Family.)




Penitent Magdalena (left) and Mary Magdalene as Melancholly (right) are two

images I melted together on my painting.

They are creating a symbol of my passion and devotion for art, my believe and trust in that what I do, but also my melancholic feeling about absence of tender emotion in nowadays art

There is no drawing on this canvas, I just started working with knifes from the spot where is the right hand of Magdalene as Melancholly. Then I kept on exploring the space going from one Magdalene to another until I created the feeling I wanted to share.



Alegory of Melancholy





Identity of Capelle

The most beautiful experience I had with the artists of our community was the project: "Identity of Capelle".

Our challenge was to make something that would represent our city the best way possible.

Our work was exhibited in the City Library and people could vote for the best.

I made a round painting of s"Gravenweg and I received a good critique.






Identity of Capelle are for me mostly the people I know.

I've learned in library about the history of this place and about s'Gravenweg, street connecting Gouda and Rotterdam, the longest street in Holland.

That is why I see Capelle as a road coming from past and bringing us all together to future.


Painting is donated to school De Contrabas, the elementary school of my daughters.

Symbolical message of my round painting was with end like this completed.




All rights reserved. Copyright by Dusanka Badovinac 2016