My Studio



My most beautiful place to work is something like this:




On places like this I collect the most valuable emotional part of my creating process.

Than I make a lot of drawings, watercolor sketches and photos

This is me on holiday with my family...



or one Sunday in Zeeland...



or some beach in Croatie if I have no drawing material by the hand I work with what I have...




sometimes I have to start all over again...




Then when I come home to my studio on my attic, I go back in my memory on those beautiful moments I have expirienced, smell, light and colour...






Rocks with view




This is mostly how I work on landscapes.




When I paint people and faces...

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Esther was my model for some of my paintings.

She was sitting, I was working and we talked about this or that...

In front of my eyes her rather common face was changing in Light. She was shining from inside...

This was the beginning of my painting where I was only collecting the information about space and position of colors.




Again the same story, like with the landscapes.

When she went home I explored the canvas searching for memory of her shining in front of me.

That characteristic of my working process I recognize in words of Noor E. Munch.

"I do not paint what I see, but what I saw", he said.

It seems to me that  if I look back I can better see the essence.

That is a tool I always use to create that emotional part of my painting.

Esther is not working as the model any more, she has children nowadays...

And Light, I've sold her, she is now shining in America.








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